Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introductory Post

I admit to feeling a little shy about starting a blog - I am a 41 years old suburbanite after all - but it's been kicking around in my mind for a bit, so - like Pallas Athena (literary reference!) I'll let it spring fully formed from my forehead.
So, first off, the name - daki is a handle portmanteaued together from my son's names; I use it at the working moms' community (of international ax murderers, as my mother-in-law fondly calls them) where I've been hanging since - gasp! - the 90s when my teenager was way smaller. (If you ever catch me knowing something smart about the universe, I've picked it up from them.) Mel is my real-life nickname. Since my name is Melanie and all. Not too mysterious. (Don't worry, you can't use this info to break into my home, email accounts, bank, or library request list.)

I am mom to a high schooler and an elementary schooler (first year for the first, last year for the last, which feels momentous in our little world). I am a wife, though that feels like the oddest word to describe our lovely & complex relationship. I work full time - though that seems like an odd way to describe my position running Fixtures with my sister and through the gradual retirement of our parents. (Oh, and you can't use any of this info to hack into the corporate accounts either.)

In early 2010 I saw a friend's challenge to read 100 books in a year and thought 'yeah, I bet I do that' and started a spreadsheet. Turns out, I really do do that, and more (audiobooks play a large part). As I love to share the joy with others and am not currently reviewing books - here we are. My blog. Welcome.


  1. WOW!!! Can't wait to put your blog on my regular reading list!!! I will love hearing what you have to say...Nancy