Friday, April 1, 2011

The "I Will if You Will" Book Club is Back in Business!

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(Made plans for Passover today, can you tell?)

The Sandman Dream Country Volume Three (Softcover Edition)The deal with this book club: it's online, natch, and the idea is that there are books out there that many readers wouldn't normally touch with a ten-foot stack of bestsellers. Too snooty, not snooty enough, whatever. The first book they did was Twilight, which I'd already read and wouldn't re-read, but I had a lot of fun following the discussions. The second book was Moby-Dick, which I'd never read and approached with caution, only to find unforseen shoals of delight in the text, and of course much wit and wisdom in the discussions. So now comes the third book, and they went with a graphic novel: Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country.

I was a latish-to-the-party Gaiman convert. A few years ago I picked up Anansi Boys at an airport book store, drawn to the whole Native American Mythology thing that always draws me (double major at UCSC: English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and American Studies with an emphasis on Native American Literature. Go Banana Slugs!) So I devoured it during that vacation, and looked up the rest of his novels as soon as I was home. I read Coraline to the boys, and got them hooked as well, but none of us have yet looked at the comics. I'm just not a graphic novel kind of gal, but for this book club I was (in the spirit of "IWIYW") willing to give it a whirl. The fact that it's a Gaiman title is a bonus for me.

Anyway, I picked my copy up from the library this afternoon and I'm raring to go. Anyone else want in on this?

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  1. You are especially adorable when you say "Go Banana Slugs!"