Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Dog, New Tricks

Adopting our puppy has been both energizing and thought-provoking for 10-year-old Ali. In the past six months she has learned so much, belying the old adage.

Ali on Walkies: Do we have to go so fast? Are we there yet? Isn't it time to turn around? Why is Eve pulling so hard on her leash when it just makes Alpha cue up a new podcast and keep us out even longer?

Ali on Dinner: Great, time to body-check Eve again. How's a mutt supposed to get enough to eat around here?

Ali on Sleeping: Wait, we get to sleep in Alpha's room? With the carpet and the fan and the opportunity to nose for scratches if any hands flop near the edge of the mattress? I should have tried this whining-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing ages ago!

Ali on Play Time: Ha! Take that, Eve! I'm taller than you, I've got Boxer lineage and you know what? You know what?? Boxers are fighters, yeah, that's right, fighters! Come and get me, little girl, just you try it. (Oh, come on, Eve, stop with the biting my collar thing, will you? That's right, lick my ears a little. That's the stuff.) Hey, look at my Mean Fighting Face, isn't it scary? Grrrrrr! I curl my lip at you. (Whew. Can we rest now? We can? *flop!*)

Ali on Knocking at the Front Door: What's that pup doing.. oh! Bark! Bark! BARK BARK BARK! Grr-bark!

Ali on Noises Within the House that Might be Knocking at the Front Door: What's that pup doing.. oh! Bark! Bark! BARK BARK bark BARK! Grr-bark!

Ali on Television Dogs: What's that pup doing.. oh! Bark! Bark! BARK BARK! Grrr!

Ali on Fetch: Why is Beta throwing that stuffed orca again? And why does Eve keep chasing it? Is it suddenly alive? Let me run to check! Almost there! Oh, wait, no, it's not alive. Keep your fur on, Eve, I don't want your stupid orca. Oh, wait, she's throwing it again. I should get in on this! Run! No... still just the stupid orca. That's it, I don't care what you people say, I'm not playing. Hey! Where is Eve going to so fast?

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