Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolved: In 11 months I'll send holiday cards.

Happy 2012!
Despite being a family blessed with a passel of delightful friends and family whom we love dearly, we not only didn't send out holiday cards in 2011, we also didn't even send our usual holiday email. (We did make the usual donation in lieu of cards & postage, this year to my favorite library ever.) (What do you mean self-serving? Pshaw.)

So here's a picture of my family playing at being Typically American, sitting on the front porch on Thanksgiving 2011. Note: not our porch. Imagine it is accompanied by a charming letter sharing my thoughts about the year that has just ended, a pithy observation or two about the passage of time and aging of our children (D is 16! K turns 12 today!), and, of course, our warmest wishes for all of you. We do hope you have - oh, wait, had - a great holiday season, and that 2012 is a fun, fun year full of many good books and good times and a good kiss or two.

Also, here's a spreadsheet of the 301 books I read in 2011, which had nothing to do with my failure to compose a holiday email. I could totally have done that while listening to an audiobook.

Thanks to those of you who've said such kind things about this blog, which has been going for a year now. And to those of you who read it without comment, and to those of you who ignore it but at least don't make fun of me for writing it. You're all the best.

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