Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Audiobook Giveaway: Still Foolin' 'Em

Here’s something I’ve barely even talked about much (understatement) but: June is Audiobook Month! Today I’m excited to be participating in the APA’s Audiobook Community #audiomonth campaign. 
What does that mean? 

On offer: one copy of Billy Crystal’s Still Foolin’ 'Em (Macmillan Audio), which won not only the Narration by Author or Authors category (which is why I get to feature it today) but also the Humor and Audiobook of the Year categories (so you see, this is a big deal! You should totally enter for a chance to win!)

As I said here about it: "Crystal can tell a story, and does so with humility and poignancy and wit and an expansiveness towards the world. And obviously he has the perfect voice for narrating this book. He does voices some, and keeps the humor up front but settles back real gently when it's time for me to cry."

Do you want it? I know you do. See below for giveaway instructions.

I’m not alone in all this audiobook love – you can visit blogs all month long to obtain a copy of every category winner, as part of the June is Audiobook Month celebration, sponsored by the Audiobook Community. Be sure to follow #audiomonth and #Audies2014 and follow Audiobook Community on both Facebook and Twitter – they’ll point you towards giveaways NEARLY as awesome as mine.

Tomorrow, head over to The Oddiophile and double your chances to get Crystal's book, since she's featuring the Humor Audies winner as her category!

To win Still Foolin’ 'Em
Tell me something at least a little bit funny that’s happened to you lately. Put your tale in the comments below, and I’ll choose someone at random on Friday the 13th
Be sure to check back here to see if Friday the 13th is YOUR lucky day this year!
Happy Listening!

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