Monday, April 2, 2012

StarTribune Review of Making Babies

Here's my review of Anne Enright's Making Babies: Stumbling Into Motherhood, which appeared in the StarTribune on 3/31/12. Enjoy! Especially if you have made babies!

Although my youngest is 12 (and a quarter, today - and, wow, it's been a long time since I had kids who counted their ages by fractions), this book really pulled me back to those early moments. The obsession over every expression, the overwhelming love and overwhelmingly relentless work, the certainty that every kiss or meal or diaper is somehow the most vital one in his little life. Now I just assume the boys know I love them more than life itself and that whatever they need, I'll somehow take care of it, or their dad will, or they can do it themselves. Or do without. Something.

I'm off to buy the 16 year old a binder for his orchestra class. Because as it turns out, one you make the babies, the work is far from done.

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  1. Hi! I also entered to win the IBBA and found you among the list of entries! :) I'm a new follower! I still hope I win (instead of you lol), but it never hurts to make some new friends along the way. ;)