Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mommy, Tell Me a Story

My seventeen-year-old asked me to tell him a story. This was the best I could come up with based on the excitement of my day:

So many packing lists!
Once there was a Mel who was at work. 

She had many many bills to match up with their packing lists. Some bills and packing lists matched up perfectly. Some packing lists had no bills, and some bills had no packing lists. Those required separate investigation.

Not 12! 11!
But one particular bill had a packing list. The problem was, they 
didn't match. The bill was for 12 pieces of glass, but the packing list said Mel's company had only received 11 pieces of glass. 

Invoiced sizes - one of
these things is not like
the other!
Packing list sizes

Plus, the bill said 4 of the pieces were 34" x 21.75", but the packing list said they were only 31.125" x 21.75"!

 Mel had to make a phone call.

She called the vendor, who said Mel would have to talk to the person in Accounts about  it. But the Accounts woman was out to lunch. They asked if Mel could call back in 15 minutes.

Mel said okay.

Mel's Phone of Many Buttons
She waited and waited, and finally the 15 minutes were over, so she called back. But the Accounts woman was on another call.

The vendor asked Mel if she would leave a message for the Accounts woman, and Mel said okay.

So Mel left a message, quoting the invoice number and explaining that she needed to resolve a discrepancy with the packing list. The vendor said that the Accounts woman would call back that afternoon.

All the bills waiting to be
posted, missing their
comrade from the
glass vendor
But... she didn't.

So Mel still can't post the bill on the accounting system, which means the vendor is in danger of not getting paid for this bill on time. Oh, dear!

To Be Continued....

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  1. Wow - when you write it out like that it really IS exciting!