Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's June! That Means it's Audiobook Month!

Hey, did you guys know I like audiobooks?

It's true. I do not lie. I speak with a certain amount of veracity here.

So, JIAM is upon us - June is Audiobook Month. What that means is that you should totally get yourself some audiobooks for your road trip, your commute, your listening as you clean out those closets you never get to. (I have a lot of closets that need cleaning. Just FYI.)

And one very cool way to celebrate JIAM is to visit the Going Public... In Shorts! site / blog hop every day, because each day you can hear a different short story read by a different (awesome) audiobook narrator, for free. Yep: FREE. And all the stories will be available for purchase as a compilation after June is over, with proceeds going to the literacy group Reach Out and Read

So I encourage you to do this, and especially to watch this space for when I'm a participant in the blog hop, and enjoy the superb world of narration out there.

Here's the Going Public... In Shorts! site for more info & all the stories, which will be available free for a week or thereabouts each.
Also today's blog hop spot is Publisher's Weekly's news blog - you can listen to a great interview between the editor and the narrators. And the stories (by Joe Archibald and Washington Irving) are linked there, too. (And they drop a little inadvertent hint about what you'll see here later on....)

I'm not going to put the daily links up every day of the month, but I encourage you to check it out today and throughout the month.

P.S.! Since I entertained you all earlier this year with my Armchair Audies posts, I just had to let you know: I was TOTALLY RIGHT because I'm SECRETLY THE ACTUAL PERSON WHO JUDGES THE AUDIES FOR THE WHOLE INDUSTRY. (I speak with a little less veracity there.) 

The Audies were awarded on Thursday, and all 4 of my official Armchair Audies category predictions were correct: Simon Vance narrating Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies won for Literary Fiction, Ralph Cosham narrating Louise Penny's The Beautiful Mystery won for Mystery, Kate Rudd reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars won for Teen, and Edoardo Ballerini narrating Jess Walters's Beautiful Ruins won for Solo Narration - Male. (I got my unofficial category wrong, but, hey, Katherine Kellgren is too amazing for it to bug me.)


  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word, and for hosting one of our narrators (a lovely man with a fabulous reading for you!) later this month.

    And I just KNEW it! You ARE the only for real Audies judge! Hmm...I think I need to go off and plot a significant system of cookie bribing for next year...

    1. Okay, I confess - I'm only the real (secret) Audies judge for a few categories. (DON'T HOLD ME RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT 50 SHADES THING!) But I'm TOTALLY susceptible to cookie bribes, so you should definitely undertake that campaign. It's guaranteed to work. :)

  2. So excited. This is my first official June as Audiobook Month as a audiobook listener, and I can't wait!!!

  3. I love audio books. They are great while I walk the boring treadmill.